Holiday house "Trnac"1 is an oasis of peace and greenery spread throughout a big estate located on the hill at the entrance to Pristava, tame valley with county road connecting Tuhelj with Zelenjak, Klanjec and Kumrovec winding through it. Visit this corner of the Croatian Zagorje and see for yourself why it is called a "Fairytale at the palm of your hand": enjoy the somehow sleeping beauty of Zagorje hills. Go to a nearby vineyard and share hard working vintner's joy of enjoying genuine wine. Do it on foot or on a bike - one of the bike trails will take you to the Tuhelj spa! Take a short trip into the past - visit some of the nearby monuments of rich cultural and historical heritage of Krapina-Zagorje County, try some of the local Zagorje jestvina2 and see how fairytale – fits on the tip of your palm!

1Colloquial term for fruit garden
2Colloquial term for dish
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