Mountain walk to Cesargrad
Cesargrad is a medieval fortress built mid 14th century on the steepest part of Cesargrad forest above the Sutla valley and today's Klanjec. According to tradition, Cesargrad was built by Templars, knight order founded to protect pilgrims on their way to the tomb of Jesus in the Holy Land. The Order of the Temple was abolished 1312 and their possessions were assigned to other orders or become the property of the royal crown. Cesargrad (Kayersperg) was first mentioned 1399 in the grant of King Sigismund, by means of which it was donated to Earl Herman of Celje. Until it became property of noble family Erdödy, fort often changed hands during 15th century. 1573 Cesargrad got destroyed in the Peasants' Revolt , when it was robbed and set on fire. Owners made an attempt to partially reconstruct it, but as the new pallace in Klanjec was finished, the Erdödy family moved into it and Cesargrad was left to decay. Since 1933 the castle is owned by the Croatian Mountaineering Association.

Cesargrad is easy to reach from Kumrovec, Zelenjak, Klanjec and Tuhelj (Pristava). At a height of 460 m, located just 5 minutes walk from the ruins of Cesargrad, there is mountain house "Cesargrad." It is being managed by mountaineering society "Cesargrad" from Klanjec.

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